A little about me,  from the time I was 6 years old I was already dealing with Aliens, UFO's and Deities. By 14, I was doing hypnosis and study with a famous person as well as a army hypnotist. By 17 I created a Covenant. that was around 1968. I dealt with ( Witchcraft) for about a  few years while I learned about psychic powers and the dangers of them all. At 18 was doing Ghost busting - spirit release. I studied 14 religions, studied with a Medicine woman 26 years, Tibetan Master, Deities, angels and a Shaman. By 25 I was following two path that taught Soul travel, and Out of -body experiences. I had over Five near death experiences over 25 years. I traveled all the lower worlds and moved into the higher realms or worlds. Met with four different Deities during that time. Around 48 I had a few meetings one being next to a Bigfoot. twice being near them. 
    My life was hard with a few physical problems and having been abused  and dealing with  sexual abuse as well. I had Dyslexia and ADHD and never was treated for either. I studied Aikido and received my Brown belt, studied boxing for two years and was married three times. The chance to have children was taken away three times.  By the three woman I loved in this lifetime.  
    I was doing psychic implant removals, and some past life regressions before it was called that which I did at  27. ( 1978) Gave up ghost busting, I became emphatic for two years. Started speaking and writing. I just finished my fourth book.  
   In my life I have seen over 1000 ships and a few from as close as a hundred feet. Next to an alien and demons many times as well. I worked with Sagel18 for about four years. Then parted ways for many years only to get back together to do a radio show for almost a year on Project Camelot TV. Now back on with TJ Morris.   on Www.blogtalkradio.com/tjmorrisetradio . I do a few show a week. Try to keep Wednesdays up for Weird Wednesday and Sundays for spiritual stuff. Thursdays we have a guest on usually. It is usually 7 PM EST. 

Are you ready to take a giant leap into the world of truth? It is out there but very few people will give it to you even if you think you are ready. 
   Can you except there might be much more to the truth then what you are told. Do you still believe in the most craziest ideas like evolution? Do you except that aliens are flying around the planet? Do you think they are actually here? 
   Do you think there are spiritual people? Is there a difference between spiritual and religious? Yes the Gods - or force they say they deal with. Do you understand anything about a real God? 
   In all our history do you know there were very few spiritual people. Do you believe in past lives? Are you ready to face yours? Are you alright with the idea of leaving the body?  
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The first step.
Jesus part 2 
Meaning of Spiritual
UFO's and spirits

The Sky is falling-  about chem-trails 
    Something most  people do not talk about because they cannot is the SILVER CORD. It is most important to any soul that did not become spiritual aware { meaning being able to travel to different realms}. People that leave the body usually are not aware of it. They are already in La La land with the experience they are going through.  It keeps the lower worlds together with the people in them. So they stay where they belong. Just as in school they have different levels for many reasons. 
   Do you think a first grader could do good in eight grad? never mind collage. Soul has to learn many things but sadly they are focused on the wrong things. Money, fame, sex, drugs, drinking, cheap thrills is not anything important to help one become spiritual . 
   On the silver cord, there are many false stories or lies about it. One that you die if you cut it. You will get lost if you cut it before you become aware. Something most people also don't understand is that it keeps you from going into the higher realms. There are three main realms.
The first step
   The first step I will keep talking about because every time we take the next step everything in our reality will change. The first step is coming down to this world. Then actual birth. One takes the next step is life when they make a major move. 
   Then moving into the next realm. The first thing is did you learn anything to help you take it? Many souls get stuck or locked into ideas of what they are allowed to do, or they never attained any spiritual awareness and never had an angel encounter. 
    I need to put this in now. For many things are happening and man doesn't even think twice. They will listen to what ever science throws out. 
   Over the past 25 years the strangest things I know that happened go beyond understanding and what science says is not even close. IN Jersey when the Bird Flue hit they said it could only affect certain birds. But I worked for the phone company and was outside all the time. The roofs were being cover with dead birds. 
    I remember On my honeymoon as I was leaving the resort we were staying at the roads were completely covered with frogs. Like in the story of Moses. It lasted for over a mile. I was driving so  slow watching them just every which way. I drove across the US and stopped at a hot springs and talked to a animal doctors wife. At that time herds of deer and elks were dying in large numbers. She said her husband and to sign a letter saying it was Mad Cow disease. Fish dying happened many time n my life. The first bad one was in NJ and over a million fish washed up on the shore. Dolphins , whales and even sharks. Many flocks of birds dying fallen down dead. If you believe anything science releases - you are dead crazy. Oh a large bang made them all crash into each other. 
   If you are not aware the earth quake chart is going off the wall with many over a five now at least one up to 12 a day now. Never was like that in a hundred years .  I am filming UFO any morning I go out if the sky is clear. I have some kind of light ship blinking at me as well.
D This was a preview of a TV show I did with Sargel18 many years ago. But they did put it on TV but the show was taken off the air the next week. They cut what I talked about out.  
 A video I put up when I saw a ship shoot out across the sky shooting out four ships from it. 
     Finding  your angel or guide.
    Before you start traveling the inner worlds you need to make some kind of connection with your guide. When you start doing your exercise/spiritual/meditation you need to create the events that you are trying to bring in. Talking to spirit is not talking to your higher self. Little do people understand when people talk about talking to their higher self is not their higher self it is just you thinking. You are no better or worse then you ever were. 
   The second part of that is how to challenge  what ever comes to you. Any demon can say they are what ever they think you want to hear. Not saying angels cannot come there BUT THEY WILL NOT Be the only teacher ans guide you need.
    There were only nine named  angels in the Bible. There are thousands of them and funny most people pic the top three angels. Not only angels but Arc Angels. Why they are creating out of the limited programming there mind has.