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    Sargel 18

 This page is dedicated to my friend Sargel18. We spent many years working together. We were lecturing around the US for Global Sciences.  But most of our work was inside a vortex in Wanique NJ. 
     We were able to get pictures of ships, aliens, entities, ghosts, strange creatures and Orbs.  We were in NYC at whole life expo and came out about ORBS. We filmed many during the workshop. Sargel18 was lecturing while I shot pictures. almost every picture had orbs on it. We did film a very strange person who had this light beam coming down body during the workshop and I was at the door and never saw her leave. 
   Sargel18 copyright all the pictures we shoot over a couple  of years. We took pictures of every thing from ships to little aliens, strange creatures, as well as entities.  Never mind angels. 
1. A giant Orb I shot over the stream .2. Just a small orb ship. 3. a football orb I shot. 4. A cigar ship Sargel18  took. 4.  close up annualized by a film company to see if it was real. They said 100 % non-touched picture. A picture of a small alien Sargel18 took. 

   Sargel18 and I worked together for years. I had him on a show I did as my co-host on Project Camelot for almost a year last year. We had an incredible following. He has put up many videos and will be releasing a new sites.  The first was Stranger Universe. The videos are on YouTube. 
   Sargel18 copyright all our pictures. He has the biggest collection of pictures of Orbs, Ships, creatures ans starnge stuff then anyone else in the US and maybe then maybe the world. 
All questions send them to Hawksblood1@adventuresintothestrange.com 
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The first picture on the right Is a ship that many people at the UFO conference saw it. That night Florida had the worst lightning storm ever. Forty people died in a few hours. I was able to cross them over that morning. The souls were all lined up on the beach. All day the people talked about the ship above over the hotel. They would have taken all those souls if I wasn't there. 
   The second picture is Sargel18 taken a picture of a mass energy in the air when an Orb came out. I filmed many Orbs over a few years. Bottom pics. 
I call the Hand. I saw about ten in a week in Hawaii .  The trails start out as a big ball and the fingers just come out then each keeps going . 

   When Sargel18 and I went into the vortex in Wanaque the energy level is beyond anything you could even imagine.  We went there many days a week and shot at lest  1,000 pictures a night. Thanks to Sargel staying up all night downloading the pictures.  We did start with Film which cost so much money.