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I always say this - I am Crazy going sane and most people are sane going crazy. 
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Lets start at the beginning. Are you happy with your religion or your way of life? You are, Why?   If not are you ready to look beyond all the lies and see and find the truth. 
  This site is not about making you feel good. I will give you the foundation no speakers are willing to give you. The first reason is they don't know themselves. Many will say they were told. By who, angels? Some even say God. 
   Then what is there truth, I am sure you think you already have your own. I am not talking about programs and man created ideas. It is something that is always there if one looks for it. 
  Almost all religions fall short of much truth. Just about anything you hear are great stories but that is it. NOW even if some of it is the truth - true to what level, and is it spiritual truth? There are so many levels the same as people on this planet. 
   I hate to bust your bubble we all want to think we are the same but we are not. men trying to be woman woman trying to be men. Fools claiming to be Spiritual or saying they are God. The second excuse is saying you are one with God. You have no clue to anything about God  so how can you say you are one with it. You want to be one with a killer or a rapist? Have fun. 
   To be one with anything you have to know it. Just as the Native people try to be one with a animal. It is  easy understanding a animal then anything about God. How much does anything people say they are - help the human race to do what? 
    Man thinks he has a clue to what is good for the world and the people on it, and what would that be? I call the D.D.S.C.P.S.  Drugs, drinking,Sex,Cheap thrill and sports. What keeps most men attached to this world. That keeps them reincarnating and creating more Karma. 

    There are many important issues but important to who is what you always need to ask yourself.
   That will depend on where you are spiritual. The plants and animals the most important to you? The air and water  most important to you. How about the money you need to eat is. Can you feed you children and teach them anything important?  Please don't say yes to that for I know very few people on this planet that can. No - you cannot teach someone love, you can only show what that is like Jesus did with Mary Magdalene. 
  If you listen to my shows you will see I am a Realist- reincarnate- meaning aware of most of my past lives. I only talk from my experiences not other people books and stories.  
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