I want to talk about  what Jesus was really teaching in detail. and what He was not.  All you need is a little common sense and the truth to understand it. Hopefully you will be able to fill in the rest yourself. I live a very simple life. I just stopped doing My shows which were every Wed and Sun. 
   I live my life in the truth that I have found to be true. I walk my truth. The most important part was becoming aware of my past lives. Then the next step being able to leave my body. That help in almost every aspect of my life. Know what soul is for that was the foundation of what Jesus was really teaching. Including what Mary Magdalene was left to teach His followers. I want to tell you when you listen to speakers what they say they know  one needs to look at what they think they know , then see how it really fits into this world. Does it help anyone. Does it really help you? Well for what? 
    Everyone is looking for forgiveness for what ever problems one thinks they have and that is also for the ones that say they have none. A simple thing to remember if you have no karma you don't need to be here. If you think someone else can take it away you will never leave here. Meaning you will will keep reincarnating. Whether you are ready to pay off your karma or not will determine if you will have to reincarnate.  If you karma is paid off you still have to deal with your self created ego which is usually locked into the passions of the mind.  
​  I say they are Lust, greed,anger, vanity and the hardest to break attachment. I say they are drinking and smoking, sex, cheap thrills, partying and lets not forget Love. 
   I became aware of Jesus when I was very young.  I use to like to go out a ride my bike and be able to day dream. I could open myself up to what Soul wanted me to see. That being all through my childhood I always though Jesus was my brother. That He was always there for me. Not in a physical way like most people relate to Him. I always felt the body was useless. Well I had many problems with it. I have Dyslexia and A.D.H.D both inter-fear with learning , reading and memory. Right now I can remember everything in my life from when I was about three. But I cannot remember names. I had ulcers for about 25 years of my life and almost had my stomach cut out. But I worked that out with God.  
   When I was young I was dealing with aliens - which I could fight off, but angels and deities were coming to me all the time. I did not learn who they were until I was about 28. During the years after that I started learning about all my past lives. Including being female in Jesus lifetime. Mary Magdalene  being my closest friend. Then to go much further back then that being in Atlantis. Which I can say was the only time for a long period the people of earth were at peace. Thank to aliens coming here to destroy it and created a false religion and teaching for the humans that are still here now. There were only four races five left. The ones of real color left. If you need to know Blue, Green, purple, crystal and the truly white race.  
    When I was learning, I became empathetic. It was a very hard time dealing with what people really are thinking. I proved it to my self every day.  I finally beg for it to  be removed. It was two years later. 
   Then something I also do not use often is seeing a persons AURA. Why is that not pushed to much any more - because you would see everyone is a liar. People lie to themselves even. That is why lie detectors are not used in a court of law. To many people believe their lies. Well the aura cannot be lied about or covered up. Even if you have a tone of clothes on your aura will still be around you. It is not something that changes easily.  You cannot pretend to be  happy or spiritual.  
The first step.
Jesus part 2 
Meaning of Spiritual
UFO's and spirits

                                                                                            By Tommy  Hawksblood
Can we start with what is the next step in you life? 
  Why am I here if I walked with Jesus? Simply after 66 years I can say I truly know why I came back and why I can leave. 
   All the stories of people saying they talk to Jesus. I have to always ask them and say what did He say? The same as the ones that say they talk to God. If you were God what would you say to an ant, a flower or a duck? So what do you say to a human? We are not much different then any other creatures except we learned how to control them. Our habits are not much different. I need to help you understand what Jesus was dealing with when He walked this planet. Most of the people were farmers and fishermen. Sure a few high powered people came into the picture. But who was by his side in the very end. 
   Mary was there next to him till the end for two reasons. One because she was His wife. Two, she had His teaching which she had to finish bringing out to the world.She had to leave and  travel or she would have been killed. The same as Thomas did travel all the way to India. Her army became the knights of Templar a hundred years later after Jesus was killed. 
   Could you imagine the story happening now? Do you think anything would be different?  I don't think he would live to long and his followers would also be killed. But first you would have to understand what He was teaching first. There are 2.4 billion Christians and how many of them can touch the truth.  
   True does not fit into a programmed idea. Like what God has to be. Never mind what man said Jesus was and was teaching. You have to think why anyone would kill someone else? Why a spiritual person is always on the list to kill? 
  LOVE- really, can you teach love? 
  Forgiveness- do you think you can just say you are sorry and it is forgiven? Now people go to a psychic to get the healing. They will learn nothing is forever. Healing outside coming from something other then you will not be anything permanent.  You will have to pay that karma sooner or later. Most people keep pushing it off until later. Meaning after they die. 
   So what do they tell themselves that reincarnation is a lie.  Their mind makes them feel good. Just because they don't except it - doesn't make it go away really. That is wishful thinking. 
   Part One, 
    I want to start with I live my truth and will die in it. But I stand by it and will face anything that tries to go against it. There is only one truth- Gods not man's.