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Jesus part 2 
Meaning of Spiritual
UFO's and spirits

  I want to start with why do people insist they are spiritual. Second what do spiritual people teach? Who are the spiritual people? Easy go online and type who are they. You will get about the same ten most of the time. They keep moving up and down on the list.  In the past Ten years it has not changed much. 
     NOW for a bold move. I challenge anyone of them or all of them to prove it.  I will debate them any where anytime. I give my life to the truth the truth I have learned from Jesus, not the Bible. A very big difference. 
  Most  man today have never heard Him speak. They never heard Him teaching His Disciples. There were only a few there. There were two woman there as well. One become the most spiritual woman to walk this planet and mankind will never admit that. WHY? Ignorance, ego, mind control. so many false teaching and false stories. Yes written stories but by Who?  
   How is all so- spiritual  people talk about all the wrong things. How can you talk about money? Then the second part is about feeling GOOD. What about feeling good connects one to spiritual? Maybe if you think love is the answer which it is not. Not even close. 
   Now -did you ever hear people say the spiritual worlds? There are many. On the other hand people talk about the three realms of the astral world as spiritual. It is not never was. All souls that die and leave this planet go the astral plane. It is not spiritual but one has more freedom there then here. One can do more things BUT that doesn't mean they are spiritual. 
   The second part to that one will probably be reincarnating within ten years of OUR TIME. Just as if you go on vacation you cannot stay longer then the time you paid for. You will be coming back for your Karma. Even with all this going on I am sure you are not learning much about spiritual really means. You are still running of the programmed ideas instilled into you thinking which you are still attached to. 
  Lets take that a step further. Think about our history. When do you think the word spiritual pop up? 
The Hindus, The Mayans, or The Aztecs? How about Deities or aliens? 
   When did humans -man care about anything other then power and sex? Did they ever put spiritual into sex, no. I you believe the Bible Jesus taught about spiritual and love. Now that is again a man's interpretation  of their level of truth. It was creating a twisted truth. 
     Jesus taught many things but man has no clue to one of them. Man created the idea of protection, love and forgiveness. Did they ever wonder how Jesus spent all that time teaching things you cannot teach. 
   He was able to teach a few people what He came here for but sadly most people did not hear it. 

Spiritual laws, were put into play for a very important reason. 
   On Atlantis everyone had 32 psychic abilities. It was the only time man was in harmony with each other. On one could lie, killing was not part of life. Eating animals was not done either. But all were aware of God. 
   Stories came out of that about why the Anunnaki came here, and the reptilian races came with a very twisted agenda. Well it is right to them but doesn't fit ours. 

Ancient Aliens- The stories try to make it sound like all through history super powerful beings were here to help mankind, save mankind. If you take up a ignorant idea like that you first must ask yourself to help us become what? 
   If you ever really tried to understand history you would understand man was never -(never) a loving being. So why would any alien race that do not have feelings being caring? Man is still living with the programs mothers give their children to entertain them or control them.  So were any really spiritual? In the first religions the Deities were into sex not love. Man's problem was their ability to desire woman without ever understanding the difference of love and sex in a relationship.  
   The word spiritual only existed during one time frame which was Atlantis. There were nine spiritual human races that were able to unfold as fast as they could. God allowed it.  One was able to go from working from the physical body all the way to the soul body. You can ask anyone that truly went to the Soul plane and there are a number of them on the planet. 
  They have much more knowledge of  God -sadly with many human programs added it to it. The paths that offer real help in becoming spiritual are Eckankar, Shabd yoga, and going further back to the Whirling  Dervises. Only a few teach the truth about soul not the body. 
   I ask you to ask yourself - Jesus said it is not what you put in your body but what comes out. I truly think the human body is disgusting. People now thinking they can make it anything thing they want skinny, fat, super strong or even change it's sex. 
   Something else man does not understand spiritual has nothing to do with the body. But something I know could help some people is not becoming spiritual but becoming aware of their past lives. For one simple reason. If you know that souls is not male or female but takes on one of the other to come here then after death has to reincarnate can come back in the opposite sex of what they were in their last life. So as one starts becoming aware - mind is programmed into thinking feelings are the most important Soul doesn't have a heart, Nevis system, or even a so-called brain like people do. 
What does spiritual mean?
 When did the word even become real? Or did it? 
Man makes everything relate to earth and man's ego. 
   Man's ego has to do with money, power and fame. So that would mean rich people are spiritual. If you Listen to any so-called spp

  If one tries to think about spiritual- the first thought should be what Is spiritual? Then the second thought should how can I be spiritual. Now you would have something to compare yourself to. So, what is it? A man's idea of God or an angel? Funny so many people think about the Universe and add that to oneness. Do you see anything spiritual in that. Something would have to be spiritual that you know. I don't know anyone saying something is spiritual. 
     Something most people never thought about,,who tried to create a spiritual reality? Or anything ever close? Rules, are they spiritual? Do rules lead one into spiritual truth. It would depend on who created them. 
   Lets start with Moses. He was given the Ten commandments, right?  Do you know he created 603 laws latter. Laws that no man could live by. He was against just about everything except? Guess what? 
   After he came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments he had 3,000 people killed. It was easy in his mind he just called then demons. 
    When he was fighting with the Pharaoh to get people out of being slaves- the words his people - like he owned them. Moses was responsible for many people dying including many children. I studied magic for a few years and learned many of the psychic abilities only to learn they cannot be used in this time frame anymore. It would screw up the worlds Karma. Yes many people are trying. In magic anything that kills is black magic and anything that heals is white magic. It has always been that you can go as far back as Enochian magic. 
    People like Nostradamus used many different forms of magic together. 
   After Moses people were let free he walked them around in circles. It doesn't say why in the Bible. THE TRUTH . 
    It was four generations. All the people he left with died.  The children are the ones that were brought to the so called promised  land.  Guess people never learned why Moses wasn't allowed into it? The children that did, killed everyone there to take it over just as the the British did to the Native people. I will leave you with Moses at that. You think why he wasn't allowed? 

 Back to spiritual, Now I am going to give you what might and take you  a few lifetimes to understand. 
  Please I am not reading anyone words or listening to anyone stories. Because they are all lies. Anything about the Anunnaki, Enki and Enlil are fairy tails created by a race of ignorant beings. To a man that was so willing to except the story. 
    I can only tell you because I am aware of almost all my lifetimes in the lower realms. I have worked with Three Deities as well as what I called little Gods. They are higher then then archangels like Michael and Gabriel who have came down out of the higher realms because of fighting. OH lets not for get who else came down with them, Lucifer.  
   Now for the creating of the earth with humans. I can tell you this not the story book Thoth but the true Being brought Nine races here. They were different colors. He was allows by God Itself to. They all came from different worlds. They did not come from a black race only. If you want the colors here they are - 
  The black race, the white race, the red race, the yellow race, the purple race, the Blue race, the green race, the crystal race and lastly the invisible race. 
   Something the story books will not tell you right before Atlantis was destroyed five races left. One of each became a little God or Deity. A few famous ones are Green Tara, Krishna, another one was Sea Tab. Unknown.  The most highest one Durga again not the story book one. She dwells on the last plane soul can go through in one's soul body. 

After Atlantis was destroyed the earth will never see world peace until the population reaches a very small number. 

   Something Jesus said that was not put in the Bible for many reason because man's ignorance, He said the most SPIRITUAL PATH will always have the least followers. 
   There are over 2,000 and most have no -clue to what a real God is or what souls is really here for. 
    Peace and love are man's ideas. After they saw What Jesus really was and how he was. He should them love. By His relationship with Mary Magdalene. They witness the Birth of a girl of God's wisdom. That being understood ? Mary had the same powers Jesus had. She was left to teach His followers what He could not. That included PETER. He would have never saw Jesus if he did not learn what Mary was teaching. The same as Paul never met Jesus physically. 
   I will talk about Lucifer and Jesus as well. Jesus told His Disciples many things not that they understood much. They were farmers and fishermen living in the beginning years of our calendar.   Like Day 1. 

   Now for all the people with their so called truth. I AM CALLING YOU OUT ON THAT.  No matter who or what you worked with to receive your truth about what spiritual means what could any alien/space race offer us or help us with? People think the most important word is Love. ON that how many people truly understand it and what it really means? 
     How many people find true love? If they do can they keep it. How many people that say they find it after 50 years are more in love the when they met. I have to say most really old people have a strong understanding of what love means in a relationship at least. I am not sure how much they understand God's love because very few understand the level God does and what that really means? 
   People deal with a programmed idea based on Moses story telling. It has nothing even close to what God is. 
   Spiritual is incredible if you understand the real God. What God created for spiritual people. SORRY THIS IS WHERE EVERYONE RUNS AWAY. MOST PEOPLE HAVE DWELL IN HELL UNTIL THEY CAN ATTAIN ANY SPIRITUAL AWARENESS.  Sorry I am sure you disagree. But that doesn't matter because the only way you ever get out of the lover realms which are not spiritual is to become aware of truth about God. 
I want to say this this I have had five near death experiences. I spent many years traveling out of my body with Deities and angels. I have been through the dark night of soul a few times. Death is only the beginning to life if one becomes aware of the truth. Without GOD there is nothing. That is where you will go as well.