The stories that followed and were created recently, to me are filled with complete lies. Up to the point that say Jesus did not work with children. People are ignorant. The difference even in that time Children were totally opened to spirit as they are now at the beginning of their life. They just had to be touched by Jesus or look into His eyes. They did not have to study for days and days to try and understand what He was teaching. 
   I had the hardest time understanding the people that were with Him turning against Him. No matter what you think most of His true followers were killed pretty fast. A few did get away along with Mary M. story to the side next to this. 
The first step.
Jesus part 2 
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Part Two 
  Jesus was born to a supposed to be a virgin woman. Stories are created out of man's ignorance to truth. In that time frame men would not get married if they were not going to have sex. The Jewish  men have a time and place for everything and sex is one of them. 
   The second part of that Jesus had brothers and are not really talked about much at all in the Bible, why?   They try to make is sound like Jesus was Jewish. He was still being programmed when he disappeared. Please no one could write about that. But Jesus did talk to a few of His disciples about that. Because that was part of the His teaching which they had to learn. 
   While Jesus was gone what was he really doing? He was going through ascension. When He came back he had 32 psychic powers. A true healer has to have gone through that. Very few souls ever did. You can say what ever you want but something like that would have to be proven
   Mary Magdalene story was twisted and most of what was put in the Bible  was not even close to the truth. She was a Goddess. She lived in a temple. I was a female in that life time. Mary was my closest friend. I was not poor. Money was not the root to all evil for everyone in those days. I was able to be around Jesus the last days of His life. I saw the way things unfolded which were also turned around and twisted in the Bible. 
   Jesus was teaching things that no one ever heard and many could not understand. He was aware of everything. He was not teaching about physical space travel or the planets. His teaching were always beyond all that.  He did talk about Lucifer. He did talk about other races. He explained no one has ever taught us the truth.