The Truth Is Out There, just need to go look. Just don't accept everybody's words. Just because a person wrote it doesn't 
make it true. Just because someone says it doesn't make it true. Even just because someone carved it doesn't make it really true. 

I will  give you a brief description of who I really am. 
  I was born in NJ and lived there about 45 years of my life. The rest I have traveled around the US form CA, WA, Org, SD and now living in HI. 
   I did Native dancing half of my life as well as magic, stage magic and fire dancing.  From six years old to now has always been a spiritual search for truth and God. I studied 14 religions here on earth. I studied three new age religions and the rest were with Deities and Inner Beings. 
   I went through the marriage thing three times and lived in a relation two times with two  millionaires. I always learn the hard way. 
   Money is what most people search for above all other things. It was never that important to me. After 65 years I truly learn why I came back in this lifetime. It took learning all my other lifetimes here, thanks to a religion called Eckankar. There are only a few religions or paths  that offer any truth about life and death. Well that can help you prove it to yourself. 
   To learn about the inner worlds one needs to learn about their Guides, Angels and Deities, but the first step in that is learning how to leave the body. Then understanding what Soul really is. Then about traveling further into the inner worlds. 
    When I learned Hypnosis, I learned many things people with a degree in Hypnosis don't learn.  The first and most important is how spiritually aware are you? If you work on the soul you need to have a few things down right. One is your protection. Most people say they have it but funny they are getting abducted or being programmed by the Government. Then saying they are working with aliens or angels. Yes if that is the case you cannot help anyone past the astral plane, 
   Sorry, What I call  the little God there will not allow many to go past . Then you also have Lucifer who doesn't want anyone to go past Him. either. If you don't follow a religion what angel are you working with. Many people use the angels of the Bible even though they don't believe in the bible. HOW'S THAT? 
  If you don't have a clue to a real God hopefully soon you will. Thinking you are God or even one with IT is only mind's EGO.   
   Talking about truth most people say that is my truth and they have theirs. There are three truths, yours, mine and GOD's. Aliens truth has been here for over a billion years and it sure did not help man move forward in the past 2000 years. To understanding truth. 
   If you doubt anything I say just have to do one thing, look at the world condition. Everything people are learning and want to learn is how to live longer and make their body look better. Both have nothing to do with what Jesus taught. 
   If you think robots will help man in the near future - it will, to become useless people.  Meaning not needed. Do you think all the underground bases and cities are not for a reason. On that note where do the elite people think they are going? There is no hell because we are already in it. SORRY. These are the only two  realms that deal with pain and suffering. Where ego keeps them attached and block from seeing the truth. That all being control by the amount of karma one creates in this life as well as the past. 
   I learned at a young age all the dangers of truly being psychic. Which we are not even up to 5% of what abilities we had during Atlantis. It was taken away by aliens  programming us. People have learned to except the lies over truth everyday. I learned there is  karma to everything we do. So you really need to make sure it is GOOD and RIGHT. I learned by mistakes not like many really do. 
   I need to mention Moses. I will talk about that again when I talk about Jesus. He was a master black magician. Why he never was able to go into the higher realms. 
   I spent much of my non-working time dealing with spirit release. Ghost busting for a modern word. I spent time dealing with demons doing exorcisms. 
   Again the most important thing to help you grow in the right direction is protection. Where do you think you get it from? Please look at the truth not the stories. Who was protected? Not even Jesus. Well I am talking about the physical body, and aliens know that. 
   If one decides to move forward one needs to think about what does that really mean. It has nothing to do with making planet earth better. For the most smartest inventor Mr.Tesla  worked with aliens, he did not learn what he did in school. That is a whole other story.     
   I spent years working with Deities not just praying to them. I am sure Christians call them demons. Because they don't even want to know the difference because of their programmed mind.   
   The same as calling Jehovah God. He is but as I said before one o the little Gods. He has a strong ego. They call Him a jealous God for he is. There are three Gods on the top of the astral plane. then in the astral plane you have the council of nine. Something few people talk about as well. What their purpose is. 
   If you start learning any of your past lives you will see they were usually never better then this lifetime.  If it was then you have a much greater mission to learn in this lifetime.   
   When karma makes you come back you really need to work it off in this lifetime. If not you will actually be going backwards. With all the lessons you had already you should have learned something. 

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If you are listening . 
   It is time to take your place in finding the truth.If you have it you will know.  You stop asking questions. The earth will never be able to be helped with  7.4 billion people many of them believing in different Gods or no Gods. That doesn't make anything work together. Ego has always and always will make one think they are better while at the same time telling everyone we are equal. The Government lost their ability to give us anything important. Important meaning spiritual.
   Are things set up to work for all people? Men in the US think age makes a difference. To what, drinking, sex, working, army, killing?  Guess you just need to look at who and what those things are affecting? I would start by saying Younger people. Is there much of a difference from 14-16-18? How about adults that act like children, nothing can be done about that unless they step out of line of the program then they will be put away. But as long as we allow the Government to determine what sex we can be or how that is going to play out in schools bathrooms we are in trouble, and it is only getting worse. Allowing anyone to change sex is that going to become I want to be part rabbit. 
    They already have mixed animals, insects, and humans together. They just said they brought a dead pig back to life. Why, they are very close to humans.  
  Can you truly say you know what is happening to YOU when your body dies? Do you really care? I do not think many people really care and that is why they care more about staying here. Hell can be a nice place for many people. That is why Jesus was teaching how to get out not staying in it.  
   I had my share of UFO's, aliens, Bigfoot and demons. The same as looking for love in all the wrong places. It is time for everyone to open up to their true self as soul. Learning what that means to your future. It is easy to think about just coming back again. Like many crazy people in the UFO world think they made a deal with aliens. How ignorant is that? Guess they never found anything close to GOD. Remember you are usually the best you have ever been right now. I can say unless you were rich - which usually creates more karma for yourself then not being rich. 
   If any of that was true would you really want to come back? I guess you are locked into the the ideas that life is great with sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, cheap thrills sports there could be nothing more. 
   About aliens, do they need humans for anything other then foo? Sure not for our psychic powers, or our brains. It sure is not for our man made religions.
   Even on that Jesus did not come here to teach religion. Living life and dealing with death has nothing to do with religion. Yes, many religions have a view point on death. Not sure more then one is even close to the truth. If you goal is to die and go to heaven and sit around with a family member - all I can say is have fun. If it was even true how long do you want to do that, forever? 
   People looking for truth will usually limit it to there already programmed ideas. For me  after spending my lifetime to understanding all my lifetimes here. I was finally able to put it all together for the only important question one needs to ask themselves. I will tell you that IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU SAVING THE PLANET OR THE PEOPLE ON IT.  It is very simple why were you brought here? It is not about what an alien can teach you. I will go into detail how I went through this life piecing things together. I do have to say because of the awareness I already had, it was a lot easier to put it all together. 
   It was anything but easy or the WAY I WANTED IT TO BE. I never had control over anything while at the same time   I was always protected in the most incredible ways. My second book was my bio and if you want to take a ride I will send it to you. 

My second book - When Truth Is Called Crazy. It is my auto Bio of my life, well most of it. The Good the Bad and the ugly.    
   I will send it to anyone that wants to read it. Just send me a email with a return email address.   
This is the first water color picture I did. My other passions was into doing science fair projects and art.  The spiritual and UFO world were also around me all the time. I was doing my own Sci-Fi movies from the time I was ten. I wish I had one of them. 

The first two down were each on one of my jackets.
My Partner for 20 years. She is a Buddhist for most of her Life. We are living on the Big Island. Below my best friend Gizmo.   He was sick over the weekend and had to go to the hospital . 
I am working on getting my new  manual out. It will be How To See a UFO. I promise if you follow what I have created to do you will see a UFO. But from there I give you some info to decide where you would want to go from there.  I need to get a little money together to get it edited. 
Anyone interested in helping - You will get the Manual.  I just spent what ever money I thought I had on my dog and my computer. 
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