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Adventures into the strange  
Greetings - Osiyo  

Welcome. If you are here , are you ready for the truth?  I promise nothing but the truth so help me God. 
  I will be starting our new show very soon.  My Co-host is Sargel18.  All shows will be put up on Youtube or blogtalkradio.  Many shows  I did is on youtube.
A little about me,  from the time I was 6 years old I was already dealing with Aliens, UFO's and Deities. By 14 I was doing hypnosis and study with a famous person as well as a army hypnotist. By 17 I created a Covenant. that was around 1968. ( Witchcraft). At 18 was doing Ghost busting - spirit release. I studied 14 religions, as well as studied with Medicine woman, Tibetan Master, Deities, angels and the Shamans. By 25 I was following two path that taught Soul travel, and Out of -body experiences. I had over Five near death experiences over 25 years. I traveled all the lower worlds and moved into the higher realms and worlds. Met with six different Deities during that time. Around 48 I had a few meetings next to a Bigfoot. 
    My life was hard with a few physical problems and being abused  and sexual abuse as well. Went into the Aikido and received my Brown belt, studied boxing for two years and was married three times. The ability to have children was taken away three times.   
    I was doing psychic implant removals, and some past life regressions before it was called that which I did at  27. ( 1978) Gave up ghost busting, I became empathic for two years. Started speaking and writing. I am on my fourth book. Hopefully it will be a audio book. 
   In my life I have seen over 1000 ships and a few from as close as a hundred feet. 
    I am just finishing my new book, Jesus' True Teachings. It is taken over three years to finish because about a year ago I lost it due to something attacking my computer making me lose everything. Now I just need to get it edited. It will not be a (religious) book. Most people have a programmed idea of who and what Jesus was even if they don't follow a religion. That meaning if He was even real. 
   The book is not about religion. I do not consider life after death a religion. The things one will experience or even reincarnation as spiritual. Most souls go through that no matter where they are on a spiritual level if any. 
   I have been doing many radio shows with other people as well as my own. I will debate anything I call a lie or know is not true. I cannot deal with anything other then the truth. I am sure you will say that it is only my truth, but looking at what I give you gives you the ability to prove it to yourself. Many things inter fear with each other. How angels and demons work with us as well as aliens do. Most people cannot separate  real truth from a programmed idea of it. 
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Picture of  Sargel 18 with a football Orb in back of him. A spirit looking up. A little ship. swimming with a dolphin. my aura pics. Sargel's pic of a ship shooting three ships out. Dancing with Orbs. 
SORRY  redoing the whole site - will add all my book information. You can email me for my book as a EBOOK for free . 
www.howtoseegod.org    Howtoseegod@aol.com WWW.adventuresintothestrange.com 
I am now doing a new show on   www.blogtalkradio.com/hawksblood1  right now it is Tuesday Night 8 PM EST 
HI time 3 PM  West coast time 5 Pm    I will be adding shows during the week. I can do a show seven days a week. I will do a show on any subject that a person wants if it is in my range of subjects I talk about. I will set it up almost anytime you need it.  

   I am doing my radio show's and books not to make money but to bring the truth out. It is a very important time to break down the lies programmed into many people.