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                 by Tommy Hawksblood

     Welcome. If you are here , You just might  be ready for the truth?  I promise nothing but the truth so help me God. 
   I am stopping many of the shows I was doing, because I feel that is not doing as much as I want to do or need to do. I need freedom of speech.  I need to put truth out not stories. 
​  What I talk are about  the things I have experienced and learned from direct experience. Topics like UFO's , aliens, Near death experiences, soul, soul travel, death, Jesus and God. Love is a separate experience because there is physical love and then God's love. Yes, there is much that needs to be said about both. Are people going to listen? You decide. Do you know the difference? 
​   If you go through this site you will get many things to think about to help you realize who you are, where you are , and where you are going.  I am not trying to program you to believe everything I say, not like many other people are. Our own laws are programmed ideas of rich people. 

 I will be putting questions up with with the answers underneath them. I will start updating this site as often as I can. 
   The topics are simple, almost anything important pertaining to the planet and it's people. I do not like to talk about the so-called Government in any long details. Not that any one really can. There is very little truth among all the twisted lies coming out of it. Aliens truth? Well out there in the UFO world it is going every which way but toward the important truth. 

1. Is the Government working with aliens?  
​ That question is very simply Yes. Are they working with people? Maybe in their mind. They are not doing anything to help this planet - SORRY they never did. The only things they brought us was killing, sacrifice, sex and perverted love. 

Please any questions send them to first then    

Taking Any questions pertaining to, spiritualism, religion, Spirit, reincarnation, death, Deities, angels, Lucifer, demons, aliens, UFO's, false prophets, Truth, ascension, ascending,  Atlantis, Moses, most important JESUS,  Mary Magdalene, Psychic abilities, Psychics, hypnosis, evolution, Love, unconditional love, remote viewing, astral projection, soul travel, Realms of God, Heaven, Little Gods, written Documents, the Emerald tablet, Universal -oneness, Hell, Spiritual speakers, religious speakers, motivational speakers, futurists, ghosts, elemental beings, Karma, forgiveness, healers, mediums, Ouija board, crystals, protection, praying, prayers, spiritual planes or realms, near death experiences and dying. I guess if you don't see it here I cannot talk about it. 
  I am not like most people. I can only give the truth as I know it to be true. I am not a story teller. But try to give out what I have experienced myself. 

    A little about me,  from the time I was 6 years old I was already dealing with Aliens, UFO's and Deities. By 14, I was doing hypnosis and study with a famous person as well as a army hypnotist. By 17 I created a Covenant. that was around 1968. I dealt with ( Witchcraft) for a  few years while I learned about psychic powers and the dangers of them all. There are 32 real ones. Yes man created alleast a hundred more. At 18 I was doing Ghost busting - spirit release. I studied 14 religions, studied with a Medicine woman 26 years, Tibetan Master, Deities, angels and a Shaman. By 25 I was following two path that taught Soul travel, and Out of -body experiences. I had over Five near death experiences over 25 years. I traveled all the lower worlds and was allowed to move into the higher realms or worlds. Met with four different Deities during that time. Around 48 I had a few meetings one being next to a Bigfoot and twice being near them. 
    My life was hard with a few physical problems and having been abused  and dealing with  sexual abuse as well. I had Dyslexia and ADHD and never was treated for either. I studied Aikido and received my Brown belt, studied boxing for two years and was married three times. The chance to have children was taken away three times.  By the three woman I loved in this lifetime.  
    I was doing psychic implant removals, and some past life regressions before it was called that which I did at  27. ( 1978) Gave up ghost busting, I became emphatic for two years. Started speaking out and writing. I just finished my fourth book.  
   In my life I have seen over 1000's of ships and a few from as close as a hundred feet. I was next to an alien and demons many times as well. I worked with Sagel18 for about four years. Then parted ways for many years only to get back together to do a radio show for almost a year on Project Camelot TV.  I am trying to get all my bill back up and maybe start doing my own shows. I will be putting videos up on Youtube. You can many things I did just by searching for Hawksblood and Hawksblood1. 

 I am putting up some pictures so you really know who I am. I don't hide from the truth and I truly walk my path -no one else's. 

    I  just finished my new book, The True Teaching of Jesus from God realization. It has taken over three years to finish. About a year ago I almost  lost it due to something attacking my computer making me lose just about everything. It is not a  (religious) book like it sounds. Most people have a programmed idea of who and what Jesus was even if they don't follow a religion. Thinking He was not real or He was an alien. The UFO world is making Him an alien now. One person to blame is Billy Meiers.  
   The book is not about religion it is about truth. I do not consider life after death a religion or The things one will experience out of the body or when they  reincarnate. Souls goes through that no matter whether  they are spiritual or not. All religions or spiritual paths teach very little about what Karma really is. If you follow spiritual truth you are not creating karma but if you listen to man's truth you will never experience God and be making more karma.  Jesus did not come to create  religion, neither did Buddha. 
   I have been doing many radio shows with other people as well as my own. I will debate anyone I feel is putting info different  then the truth I have proven to be true. I only deal with the truth. I am sure you will say that it is only my truth, but looking at what I will give you,  gives you the ability to prove it to yourself what I am saying. Many things interfere with each other. How angels and demons work with us as well as aliens do. But are they really helping us? Most people cannot separate  real truth from a programmed ideas of it. I will tell you there are three truths, yours, mine, and Gods. People also have dreaming- It is not real unless it is a past life experience but still needs to be proven to yourself. Visions very seldom come true in any great detail. Even in the Native Nation the elders Like Sitting Bull led all his own people to be put into reservations.  Man seems to follow man's truth rather then Gods'.  
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 The first row.  A picture of Sargel18 with a giant football Orb in back of him. A spirit coming out of the ground looking up. A small ship flying by me. 
Second row. A picture of me swimming with a dolphin. My Aura pics. Sargel18's pic of a ship shooting three ships out. A picture of me dancing with many Orbs around me. 

    I am doing my radio show's and books not to make money but to bring the truth out. It is a very important time to break down the lies programmed into people's reality. Please email me if you really think someone is spiritual? I have spent my life on searching for truth but none of it comes from reading books , it is all  by direct experience.

  The True Teaching of Jesus from God Realization. Is is now on Amazon and kindle.    
Here is one show I just did
​     I feel the most important issues are #1 Children, their abuse, their lack of protection, and what people are feeding them? Meaning Movies , games and even sports. All have very little to do with Spiritual truth at any level. The same as what is being taught in schools. Why are people afraid of spiritual truth? Because it usually goes against everything one believes. I should say programmed to except. 
  We have the Top Ten Spiritual Speakers ( so-called spiritual) telling the world about living in oneness and being connected to all things. I don't know one thing I would want to be connected to or one person. Talks about Aliens coming to help us. Really? Then angels helping us ? Really? I would say Lucifer is giving the world more help then anything else right now. Don't get me wrong Satan is still working hard with his army down here.  
    Then we have what man is doing to the planet, Fracking. Chem-trails, the HAARP System.  Never mind body part transfers. While the world is losing out to contamination of water, air and even the ground. During all this reducing the work force of people for robots and artificial intelligence. 
  I tell people to watch three movies I feel give a great understanding of the most important possibilities of what will happen to us in the near future even though they are old movies. 
One is the original not the remake "Time Machine".
Two is the original "The Day the Earth Stood Still". 
Three the movie called "V". The remake of that one. Each has important ideas of what I feel will really happen. Yes if we keep moving forward with all the alien encounters happening. Where we are going with the idea of God. Never mind man's ego growing by leaps and bounds. One movie that came out when I was little called 2001  Space Odyssey was the first to show the dangers of computers. 
   One thing I talk about is Tesla and what he did to the human race, and  what people believe because Einstein who is now being proven wrong about many of his ideas.  
​  If one wants to talk about the Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk Project please I know stuff no one knows about it. I even got to see one of the creatures from it. It has to do what actually change the world with aliens and entities as well as opening portholes into the other three dimensions in this realm. I call the physical and astral worlds.

   I am releasing  a  Manual on How to see a UFO. It is a computer file with pictures. I will send it direct to your computer.  Tex me I will get back to you right away . I am asking for a dollar but even that is up to you. 

   I going to be giving teaching on YouTube. Just getting a few things up and running trying to get my computer up to full speed.  I just spent $700.00 upgrading it. 

   I am in Hawaii and it is to expensive to try and bring people here. So I am kind of forced to do it on the computer. So I will be moving into video as well as audio.  I will be going into ways to move forward in a spiritual way. It has nothing to do with mind or ego. I did say no-drugs. I am not going to create a cult I could of a long time ago. Just knowledge and wisdom I learned and was taught. I am not talking about man's thinking because that has nothing to do with GOD's. Man's ideas have little to do with what God gave us. For that was destroyed when Atlantis went down. Then it was given to people by aliens. 
  All the stories about the Anunnaki are just that. They were never good or good for humans. Then add them with the stories of they mix together like Lucifer being the evil one destroying the planet. No matter who you blame you should be adding yourself. 
​    I will be talking about Sargel18, a little later, Him and I did a lot of UFO work together. I started traveling  and lectured with him. We did all our work in Wanaque NJ. We were able to just about every kind of Shop or UFO as well as strange creatures and entities.
 My book is now on Aamazon and Kindle.   If you read my new book and want my first  or second book I will send one to you as ebook . Free.
 My book will scare away many people. People really don't want the whole truth or the real truth how ever you want to say it. It will upset the world. Because I will give you the highest truth. It will be up to you to prove it to yourself. It has nothing to do with science because science has nothing to do with spiritual. Mankind has only been there one time in History. That was Atlantis 

First  book "How to See God"

Second book " When Truth is called Crazy"

Third book  "Truth Beyond the Illusion"

Fourth book 
 " The True Teaching of Jesus from God-Realization"

Now on a PDF file  - How to see a UFO field manual. 

The first step.
Jesus part 2 
Meaning of Spiritual
UFO's and spirits

The Sky is falling- chem-trails by    just push to play .    by   JP Thomas
Bottom pics,  First is the bottom of a ship. I shot in Wanique. N.J.   A party at Lake Mohonk resort for a Halloween UFO conference Sargel18 and I.  First football Orb I shot. under it a spare of light.  A little ship flying past me and under it a creature was running down the river being followed by three Orbs. The next  a spirit coming out of the ground . There was no fire there there. Underneath Native and fire dancing. The last pic i the row was the tallest man alive on the planet at that time I had to make sure he was real I ran into him. Chem,-
Top first  - I call the Burning Bush. I shot in Ca. Next a ship coming up out of the ground and on top a light beam surrounding the area. This picture is of me looking back at my self.  
I am releasing my New Manual - HOW TO SEE A UFO -Field Manual. It is on a PDF File. 

I am releasing a manual in a file called  (How to See a UFO Field Manual).   I don't feel like I want to waste time printing it. So I will give it to anyone that sends me a dollar or what ever you can.  I an including a few pics I shot. I promise if you follow what I put down you will see a UFO. Time is changing people need to believe the truth that they are around 24/24.  It is a little harder to see them during the day.  Just send a email to me. (If you are interested).

 You can email me for my first two books as a E-BOOK for free.  
1st   How to See God
 2nd When Truth is Called Crazy