There are now three levels now out there mainstream. The UFO world's Truth, The Spiritual world's Truth and the Religious world's Truth. I fit Spiritual with Most of the New Agers and Channelers, Religion into the Pope,Vatican, temples, Synagogues and churches, and the UFO world with Aliens, angel deities, sightings, abductions and that word programming. That creates your truth from someone else's Let's not forget the free thinkers that don't believe in anything. 
      I don't give any credit to science.  They are always wrong, putting out lies,nothing in the right time frame. Most of it is proven wrong in around 25-50 years. I think the US Gov is doing what they need to do for their own protection of their own people. Our History is so far from the truth and seems like more and more people care less about getting to the real truth.  First they should think about what they did to the Native people. 
     People will pay anything for a lie but nothing for the truth. 
   Something to think about before we start. Two of the greatest inventors or brains of our time Einstein and Tesla, both have mention they worked with some form of Aliens and Beings from another worlds. Einstien is being proven wrong about many things but Tesla has allowed us to create toys that are now hurting the planet, as well as the people. His inventions were originally designed for helping the earth  not hurting it. Well that might be wrong, If a race knew what was going to happen and still let it something, maybe totally wrong with that race. They let it all  happen.
     Tesla was under attack by almost everyone. How's that? He had over 200 inventions copied writes on them. Some  were taken and now used by the US GOV.  and many years after his death. He died alone and poor in a New York city hotel room. He created a  earth quake machine in the early 1900's. He was responcible for the first radio and wasn't given credit until a few years ago. Let's not even go into the whole time travel deal now. 
 We have thousands of Channelers saying they are working with the greatest Angels, Aliens and Super Beings and all they can do is tell us they are here to help us. Many new agers telling us that Aliens are watching us and will come to help us when we ask. Some Religion's waiting for Jesus to come back. While they have very little understanding of what He really taught. I will say Jesus was much more then what,they think. My truth comes from  my own past life experience with HimI am now calling myself a Reincarnitiate Realist.  He had much more to teach then any other person alive or dead in all my past lives as well as this one. If only people understood or knew what He was really teaching. If  Yeshua came back now, how long before people would kill Him again, unless He came back bullet and bomb proof. 
     When one talks about Spirit or Christ consciousness they truly don't understand what it means? Do people know what healing is to Karma? Do people understand reincarnation? Like why they  have it? Hidding from the truth doesn't change it, or make it go away.  One's truth doesn't make it real outside their mind to the real world. Many others  are saying they are alien walk-ins. Really? 
    Any so called Channelers, thinking they work with the top angels, aliens, or spiritual beings, do they Really? They say they are all here to help us. To do what ?  REALLY? 
    Now there are so many people jumping on the spiritual lecture wave talking about telling you, that you are spiritual, or they are helping you becoming aware of being 6 TH dimensional beings. Really? Oh, forget your past and live in the now. Do they mean what is happening right now. Like, just a few things, radioactive ocean waters, killing dolphins and whales is now at its highest level ever. All kinds or creatures dying off, All plankton dying around the world, Chemtrails, HAARP system, the bees dying, Geo thermal and GMO's, Fracking, CERN, Wars everywhere almost time for world war three. Extreme killing games for children, super strong men fighting each other and getting paid to do it, Children doing  Shootings everywhere at young adults. Abuse higher then ever including suicides at it's highest. Family's breaking apart to switch partners, Sex, cheap thrills drugs,and money is the only thing most men care about. They keep pushing children into the background. Then, they wonder WHY THINGS ARE HAPPENING? Men dressing as woman, woman dressing as men, changing sex. Multiple sex partners and all these people are saying everything is Good and going to get better and all are of God. No right or wrong, no good and bad. Just have fun? Morals gone.
   Can any one of the people calling themself one with God, heal a dead cat or even a mouse? Yes they can heal the week minded that think they cannot heal themselves. But, are not people really healing themselves. Like Jesus said by your own faith you are healed. What are these healers really  healing anyway? The illusion of the mind? The false truths of man? It sure is not their Karma. 
Religion vs Spiritual
Religion n Spirituality 
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    Please listen to the words of this song. People really don't listen to what is happening to our children. While child abuse is growing instead of disappearing. 
    Why many new agers are saying  we are becoming spiritual while every is the opposite of the truth.  
   Love is the answer, yes, But to what? Till  what end? Love is not what everyone says it is. Just look at relationships. Look at the real world. This is her words when she was being abused.

   The people of the world are killing their children more and more every year,along with the planet and people don't SEE IT? 
   Ever wonder why children were always the victim of many ceremonies and rituals. Man's ignorance to see the numbers of child abuse  growing instead of disappearing.   Then maybe we need to worry about aliens and what their agenda really is. 

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My new book How to See A UFO just needs to be edited. My fifth book almost done the Greatest Story Never Told. It will be the story of Jesus's real teaching. 
Please, if you are interested in reading a book, please email. I will send you a book. (eBook).  1 n 2 n 3 soon 4 n 5 will be out hopefully soon. 

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    What are spiritual people teaching you now?  Forget your past, forget your problems, become a loving being. Even some saying become rich, with what , money? Live in the now, now what?
    Weather changing faster then any scientist ever said could happen. Cloning food then maybe even you next. Are we really becoming super high level Spiritual Beings? REALLY? Everything is OK? Really? Heaven on earth? Really?
  Many people think they just can Create the life they want. Of what? Free of sick and ignorant people? Free of a sick Gov. Free of evil people and possessed people. Free of starving people, Free of abused children, Or maybe you  just want  to hide living in your own little mind. It is easy to, close out the world. Close your eyes. I was a magician for many years and people would always say make me disappear. I say ok . I would just close my eyes. Yes most would say, can you make my wife or husband disappear.  Sometimes I realy think they ment it to. 

Just-if-i-  All One People  -Cindy's song
  Music is one of the easiest ways to open people up to the truth. Music is something that touches everyone at many different levels. This has to touch you and if it don't something is wrong with you. 
    Please email me at I do read all my emails. I might bring you on one of my shows, If you think I am not putting the truth out there please feel free to comment. 
   There are a few major things now that people really need to look at. I am not talking about just the physical but all the things effecting the planet and the inner worlds. I am talking about what really effects a person before an action is committed. Why a person would do something. Why children are becoming lost in the illusion rather then the reality of life. Still being abused at ever level. 
  I will also go deeply into Death and God. There is a growing idea that the physical body doesn't have to die. Why would you want to live forever? 
    I am now adding adding SARGEL 18 to my Project Camelot TV show.  It is every Tuesday. Tune in and join the chat as well. 
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                                                       My Prayer 

Osiyo,     washday kola         Mitakuye Oyasin   A pray for those who want one.   

 Oh Great Spirit - Wakan Tanka , Tacashla, Unspoken One,  hear me,  this ONE   (DARCAR) calls to you.

   May the sun shine down on us always, may the warmth fill our hearts, may the rain nourish our, trees  plants and animals, may those rivers feed all things of life. May Your great light purify the oceans, air and ground we walk on. May we learn to love all the souls crying to be loved and allow them to know that someone really cares. 
   May Your Wisdom touch a few souls to go out and help the children of the world starving, homeless, without families, in abusive places and sadly without love. 
   May we learn Love is not something one just gets but something one has to give, for there is only your love to us really in the end. May we see the Heyoka in the streets and on the stages. Jokers.  The false prophets. 
   May all the elementals, air spirits, water spirits, Nymphs , Salamanders, fire spirits, tree people , rock people, all the creatures of the night, all the birds that fly, all the creatures that walk or craw on the ground, the beings of the distance worlds and realms like the dragons, unicorns, Pegasus and Mermaids, all the fish in the oceans. The Dolphins and whales and all the food chains for each form of life. May they each feel your great love and may that help each and everyone rise to a new awareness. 
   May the people of this word look around them to see the world in truth and realize that if one wants to be connected to all things one has to act like it and live like it. May each and everyone touch their true soul and become aware what it truly is.  Help us to let go of all the false ideas and stories of man and look for your truth in all things. The real truth. Help us to let go of thinking we can make anything better then you can here on this planet.  Help us to look deeper into our own story and find the truth within that. To see the world for what it really is not for what it is not.  Lets us open our eyes, mind and spirit to hear the truth . Help us look beyond the Shell of the body to see what we truly are always and everyday learning from that. 
   Let us know mans mind holds  nothing compared to yours. Help each of us with the word Ego in the right way to make the right decisions in all we do. Let us truly hear your truth and transfer it into words and feelings that we each can understand. 
    To the angels, Metatron, Gabriel, Sara, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Daniel, Chamuel, Jophiel, Ariel, Davron, St Germain, Maitreya, Alfatrone, Shiva, Durga, Kali, Green Tara, Quezacoatal, Krishna. Brahma, Vishnu,  that are called on daily hear the peoples prayers so they are not just wishes. 
   As we walk this road may we each understand the reason why. 
  Lastly let us all know we each have to walk our own path in our own truth and truly Live by it. 
  Many people say Baba Nam, Keva Lam  love is all there is . 

   Wado,    Donadah    Dohiya    Sounds Good - but will it help anything? Who do we really talk to when we think we have the power to change something? Like growing a pair of wings.
Are you ready to deal with the truth?Please just don't call it negative which most people do. They would rather believe in the lie. 
   People love stories and rather except them and don't mind paying for the lies as long as they sound good. The truth which is free the same time they call almost everything that is happening negative. I am talking about Earth quakes, Chemical pollution, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, tidal waves, alien abductions, Chem-trails, HAARP, Warfare, toxic rain, Animal, Dolphins and whale dying as well as the manatees are. Plankton dying, birds falling from the sky. Fracking, to name a few. I am talking about what effects the world and may destroy much of the planet's population. 

  My newest video I put up .  
​   MY new video of a ship- light ship splitting. The Gov calls it space Debra. It is only a small part of it. It was a Ball of white light traveling slowly through the sky as I watched it move from my right to being in front of me it then spilt into about five ships shooting straight forward to the right.   
  I will be redoing everything in my site. I am dealing with one of the biggest UFO story never told. NO other UFO story comes close.   It is about abduction- with proof and still going on monthly. We keep bringing in more and more people as we keep getting deeper and deeper into it. I have put my life on the line to bring this whole story out to the world. My life is my truth until I leave this world, Which could be any day. If the Gov wants it stop it they will. I cannot stop that but keep trying to bring something most PEOPLE REALLY DON"T WANT TO HEAR. (Truth) Good, bad aliens, how about they all have a agenda. More important God and what Jesus really was. I can tell you most of the aliens agendas are surly not like ours. I will start putting more and more pictures up. Please  I never faked anything I ever did.  John never did. I will try to keep everything 100% real as I can. If I die tomorrow remember it was not me - I already was there and it did not work. I am with God nothing less but maybe a  few high deities. 

Negative vs Positive  

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